Tactical Flashlight Brands

Tactical flashlights or military flashlights form an essential tool for search and rescue services, police officers, military personnel and other emergency services. Because they need to be used in these services, tactical flashlights are made to be tough, long-lasting and dependable.

The light source is an LED which uses up less electricity and is exceptionally efficient. These flashlights are manufactured from the finest quality material so that they can resist extreme climate conditions along with harsh treatment.  You can read our blog and reviews of the best tactical flashlights below.

If you’re in a rush, check out this military flashlight on Amazonit’s our personal preference because it never fails and it would totally blind an intruder in your house for at least several minutes.

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Best Tactical Flashlights by Lumens

Best 300 Lumen Flashlight

Hybeam Mini


Best 700 Lumen Flashlight

LumiTact Tactical G700


Best 800 Lumen Flashlight

XT808 Tactical


Best 1000 Lumen Flashlight



Best 1200 Lumen Flashlight

1TAC TC1200 Tactical Flashlight



Best Small Tactical Flashlight: Hybeam


Let’s start with the Multiple Brightness Settings.

Unlike a lot of flashlights on the market, the Hybeam doesn’t limit you to a single brightness setting. Instead, you can switch between three different brightness settings. Switching from one setting to another is effortless; all you have to do is push a button.

You can also adjust the focus of the light. This can be extremely useful if you’re trying to see something far away. You can aim the light at something specific. The light can reach as far as 100 yards. As with changing the brightness settings, adjusting the focus of the flashlight is very simple. The only thing you need to do is give the flashlight a twist.

There are a few additional benefits offered by this setting. If you are trapped somewhere and trying to signal for help, this flashlight will give you a way to do just that. The flashlight’s settings make it easy for you to send off a signal if you need to.

It’s Easy To Recharge

When it comes to electronics, battery life is always an issue. This is doubly true when it comes to survival items. After all, if the battery life runs out, you won’t be able to use this flashlight.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone that uses the Hybeam flashlight. The flashlight comes with two types of chargers: a home charger and a car charger. Both of these chargers can charge the battery in a very short period. It won’t take long for you to get a full charge.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery that the flashlight comes with is long-lasting. Even if you don’t give a way to charge your battery, you should still have light for a very long time. Your flashlight will keep on shining until you can get the help that you need.

Self-Defense Features

The primary purpose of the Hybeam is to serve as a flashlight. With that said, it can do a lot more than shine a bright light. It also comes equipped with some features that you can use for self-defense.

The flashlight is heavy-duty and has spiked ends. If you’re being attacked by an assailant, your flashlight could become a powerful weapon. The bright light could also allow you to blind someone that is trying to attack you. The ring around the flashlight is made of chrome, and the ring below it is made from the bezel. It’s easy to slide the ring off if you want your flashlight to have rougher edges.

Also, you can use the flashlight to break glass if you ever find yourself trapped in your car. If you decide to invest in a flashlight like this, you are going to want to keep it with you at all times. This flashlight has so many different uses.

Finally, this flashlight has a lifetime guarantee behind it. If you ever have a problem with it, you’ll be able to get it resolved. Hybeam is known for their excellent customer service. If you ever have an issue, you should be able to take care of it quickly.


Best Lightweight Tactical Flashlight: TF3000


What are some of the benefits of owning the TF3000?

#1: It is lightweight and easy to handle

One of the major benefits of this flashlight is that it is incredibly lightweight and easy for you to handle. When you think of commercial grade or industrial-strength flashlights, you most likely think about heavy duty metal and light that is a bit cumbersome to deal with. With this flashlight, however, you will receive the same performance from such a flashlight, though it is small enough to easily fit into a pocket or purse without you having to worry about what you around. This way, you can also handle the flashlight better to get an ideal light angles.

#2: The flashlight is versatile and able to be extended

When you want to use this flashlight, you can take solace in the fact that it can also be extended. You can extend this flashlight up to approximately 7 inches so that you can use it to your liking and the best of your ability. This versatility will allow you to make the most out of this light without having to buy another model.

#3: It has sharp and intense focus

A great reason to purchase this light is that you will be able to hone in and focus. It is one thing to have a productive light source, but you will be able to use it far more effectively thanks to this light’s ability to do so through the use of its adjustable focus beam.

#4: The flashlight is incredibly durable

The TF3000 is an excellent flashlight because it is sturdy and will hold up for a long time. Since it is built with an aircraft grade aluminum build, you will not have to worry about it breaking down on you or cracking. This way, you will be able to use it in any number of situations.

#5: It can be used for many different things

There are many reasons that people use this flashlight model. For instance, you will be able to use it for things like camping, hiking and trench work. By getting the most out of these uses, you can have this flashlight be an asset in both your personal time and your professional life.

#6: The light beam is energy efficient and long lasting

One of the main reasons to change to this flashlight is that it will last for you on a regular basis. In fact, LED lights are incredibly energy efficient and can last up to 100,000 hours. By taking advantage of this, you will be able to purchase this flashlight once as opposed to continuously upgrading it. This way, you will be able to adapt and use a green friendly, energy efficient flashlight, which can also keep more money in your pocket.


Best Tactical Flashlight For Durability: Lumitact G700


When people think of military grade, they think of things such as weapons and armor. This makes sense because the military will often use weapons and armor as tools of the trade. Hard to have a military without rifles and body armor, after all. However, the military requires so much more than simple weapons and armor. There are so many different jobs that the military does that they tend to need a huge array of tools. Many of these tools are the same kind of tools that you would be using in your everyday life. Tools such as wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, vehicle repair parts, vehicles, or any other utility tool that you might keep in a utility closet.

Because military hardware is designed to take a beating and keep working, many civilians appreciate getting military-grade tools. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but that expense is worth it when you know that your tools aren’t going to break down under the weight of daily use. One of the more popular types of military-grade tools out on the civilian market is the common flashlight. And one of the most popular military-grade flashlights is the Lumitact G700, see our full review here.

What Is The Definition Of Military Grade, Anyway?

When people hear the word military grade, they tend to get all sorts of different mental images. It’s hard to know exactly what military grade is supposed to mean, however, because most civilians aren’t informed of what those specs are supposed to be. All most civilians know for certain is that military grade means the flashlight will be durable, long lasting, and heavy enough to be used for multiple purposes. They presume it will be particularly high quality, but as to how high that quality will be, they’re not certain.

Unfortunately, military grade is something of a marketing term. There are certainly military specs that any tool will have to follow. These tools do require a certain amount of durability, as well as a certain amount of quality. However, that durability and quality are somewhat fungible. While the military does require certain specs, being military grade does not necessarily assure that you will get a certain level of durability. This is especially true since the U.S. Government doesn’t require any specs for a tool being sold on the civilian market. Companies can claim their products are “military grade,” without that meaning anything.

Similarly, many companies will proclaim that their flashlights are made from an aircraft aluminum. The mental image that they are trying to invoke would suggest that they are using high-grade metal that is designed to stand up to high pressures and low temperatures. The idea of aircraft aluminum is that you’re using the same metal that they make airplanes with, which means that your flashlight will be as solid as an airplane will be.

Much like military grade, aircraft aluminum is a marketing term. This is not to say that it’s a lie, simply that it doesn’t mean what most people think it means. Aircrafts use an aluminum alloy, and precisely what the aluminum is alloyed with depends on what company is making the aircraft. Much like military grade, as long as the aircraft aluminum holds up to certain minimum specs, it’s considered high quality and acceptable to use in the building of aircraft.

So when you buy a military grade tactical flashlights, made out of aircraft aluminum, what are you buying, exactly? Honestly, even with the marketing term, you’re still going to be purchasing a flashlight designed to be tougher, more durable, and hold up longer under you. The term military grade and aircraft aluminum are not completely pointless; they let you know that you are buying a certain type of flashlight. That being said, a type of flashlights that you can use to club things if you need to that will not break if you accidentally drop it while in the great outdoors or camping, and you can trust not to lose charge with only a few hours of use.

Given that, buying a military grade tactical flashlight it still a good idea. It’s just important that you make sure you get enough information about the flashlight before you pay money for it. Otherwise, you may not be getting everything that you think you are getting.

Which brings us to the Lumitact G700.

What Is The Lumitact G700?

Lumitact G700 is a tactical flashlight made by a company called National Protection Association. The G700 part of its name refers to the fact that it shines at 700 lumens. This ensures a certain level of brightness whenever you turn it on. It boasts this amount of power due to the Hi-Tech LED light technology.

Naturally, there are many flashlight out on the market that use LED technology to make light. However, the Lumitact G700 doesn’t just use LED technology. Normal LED technology used in flashlights tends to use LED diodes. LED diodes are great bits of technology, but they are prone to breaking down over time. This means that even though your military grade flashlight is designed to be durable on the outside, the inside could get rattled around enough to break.

The Lumitact G700 does not have that problem. It uses LED chips instead of LED diodes. Right now, the only places using LED chips consistently are the US Military, and NASA. And, of course, the National Protection Association with their Lumitact G700. The chips are better than the diodes because chips are less likely to rattle around from impact. They’re held firmly into place, which means that there’s less shock when the flashlight is dropped or used as a weapon. Less shock means less chance of the chips breaking down.

That’s not the only thing the Lumitact G700 boasts. It has a unique head design that not only allows it to house the LED light system more safely but also allows the flashlight to be used as the pressure tool. The head extends further from the light system then many tactical flashlights, which means that should you use the flashlight as a weapon you won’t have to worry about accidentally putting too much pressure on the light source. Also, it has a beveled edge to the head. This beveled edge allows you to get more pressure on to a joint should you need to use the flashlight as a pressure tool.

Lastly, the Lumitact G700 runs on three AAA batteries. This means that should the light ever run out you won’t have to worry too much about replacing the batteries. Since AAA batteries are so tiny, it’s quite easy to carry a set of backup batteries with you no matter where you go. They can fit in your pocket, in your vehicle’s glove box, or in your desk drawer. That way, if you ever notice the power of the Lumitact G700 is getting low, you will be able to replace the batteries quickly and easily without concern. If the price of batteries is a problem for you, the Lumitact G700 also comes with the option of purchasing rechargeable batteries. The option is not very expensive, and many people choose to have rechargeable batteries for home and keep a set of replacement batteries in their vehicle. This way, you will only have to spend money on the batteries if you need a quick replacement went out the field.


Best Value For The Price: J5 Tactical Flashlight

If you’re searching for an exceptional tactical flashlight, you may be interested in the J5 Tactical flashlight. With so much happening in the world today, many are preparing for doomsday, and this would make a great asset to any bug-out kit.

Even if you aren’t concerned about a doomsday scenario, you still risk a broken down car, power outages and being lost in the woods if you’re a hiker. It only makes sense to be prepared and have a good dependable flashlight at the ready regardless of the situation.

Everyone will appreciate having a unique flashlight that works when you need it. This model is the perfect solution, and it’s ideal for any situation. Easy to store in a drawer, cupboard, car or elsewhere, you’ll want several to keep in and around your home when you need them.

Next time a storm is forecast, don’t stress, just reach for this J5 Tactical Flashlight and rest assured that you’ll be able to see what is going on without stress or fear.

When it comes to tactical survival gear, no one wants something that is heavy and clunky. The easier something is to carry, the better and this tactical flashlight is only 3.7 ounces. It doesn’t get much lighter than that.

Easily Portable And Lightweight

The more prepared you are for an accident, the better things are going to go for you. For this reason, this lightweight, portable tactical flashlight is one of the best things you can have in your emergency preparedness gear.

Conveniently sized to easily fit into a backpack, on a belt clip, in a pocket or with the wrist band attached to your wrist. It won’t get in the way, and you’ll be so glad that you have it with you in your emergency kit. You can even slide it into your sock and rest assured that you’ll be able to use it when you need it.


Many flashlights of this nature require specialized batteries. Not the J5 tactical flashlight. In fact, you can find the batteries for this little unit just about anywhere. All you require is 3 AAA batteries, and you’re in business.

The batteries will last for several hours if you’re using them constantly such as a search and rescue mission or night hike. For regular daily use, you can anticipate your batteries lasting for up to several weeks or months depending on your definition of daily use.

They’re quick and easy to install or change, and you’ll be rewarded with a beam that can sweep two football lengths or narrowed down to a more focused distance or width.

Money Back Guarantee

Many people hesitate to go for a flashlight that they are concerned will work. At J5 Tactical they took that hesitation and found a way to make it a positive. You simply can’t go wrong.

If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with this flashlight, you can contact the company and they will either replace your flashlight or refund you your money from your purchase. Guarantees don’t get any better than this, and you have nothing to lose when you buy something with such an ironclad guarantee.

Reasonably Priced

This flashlight is reasonably priced for a flashlight of this caliber. It comes in at just under $20 for the J5 Tactical Flashlight V400 model.

With is being so reasonably priced, you can afford to get one for each of your vehicles, your backpack, your belt clip, your wife’s purse and more.

Besides Doomsday Preppers Who Else Could Use This?

Hunters and fishermen alike will appreciate having this little flashlight in their kit. It’s also ideal for electricians, plumbers, contractors and more.

Of course, as a personal safety device, it’s also ideal for anyone who works after dark and needs a way to light their path to and from the place of business or their vehicle. Perfect for camping and youngsters who need the privy at night.


Ideal as an everyday flashlight to carry around with you. It works well as a self-defense flashlight, hunting light, survivalist light and more. No one should be without one of these. You’ll appreciate how reliable it is when you need it.

Perfect for nearly any use considered. You won’t find a more multi-faceted flashlight on the market today. Even grandma will appreciate this little unit.

What’s It Made Of?

The J5 Tactical Flashlight is made of a compact Aluminum Alloy Case. Thanks to this great composition it’s relatively lightweight and easy to carry with you regardless of how you plan to carry it.

Since it’s so compact, you may wish to have several to keep in strategic places in and around your home, office, car, camper, ATV and more.

Military Grade

Many returned servicemen have come back from such far away places as Iraq and Afghanistan and sworn by this little flashlight. It’s no uncommon for others to want such great gear, after all, if it’s good enough for our servicemen in the lime of duty, it must be good enough for the layman who just needs a great flashlight on occasion.

Ideal as a gift for anyone on your list. Young and old alike will appreciate having a great flashlight in their gear. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or a special gift for anyone.


This flashlight is very durable and ideal for any situation. Although it’s not waterproof, it is water resistant and will not be damaged should it be splashed with water. If you’re a person who tends to drop things a lot, fear not, this little gem can take a beating and still shine brightly for you.

Keep in mind that waterproof means that it can be submerged in water for a length of time, water resistant means that you can splash it with water or use it in a light rain with minimal, if any, damages.


Much more powerful than larger sized flashlights of similar type. This flashlight has a supercharged HPLED flashlight beam that is bright enough to be able to go to two lengths of football fields.

You can also adjust it to focus more on a wide or narrow area and adjust the width of the beam.

Several Types

There are several styles and sizes of the J5 Tactical flashlight. Depending on the size you’ll require either a double A or a three triple A batteries for your model.

You can choose to purchase these flashlights separately or as a set. Separately they are under $20 and as a set of 5 you can expect to pay just under $70.

Where Can I Find One?

The J5 Tactical Flashlight is readily available online at several websites. You can also find it on military gear sites, hunting and camping gear sites and military surplus store sites.

If you prefer to seek it out in a brick and mortar store, you can find it in military surplus stores, big box stores, sporting goods stores and much more such types of stores.


Best Tactical Flashlight Under 1000 Lumens: XT808


One of the many tactical flashlights to have recently hit the markets is the XT808 LED Flashlight, As with many of its competitors, the flashlight has made many a bold claim in regards to its many benefits. It is believed to be an effective and practical self-defense option due to its light that is said to be bright enough to blind even a wild animal.

There have also been claims as to how police and official military personnel the world over use the flashlight actively. This may sound like your typical marketing strategy and promote, however, in this case, the XT808 Flashlight does deliver all that it promises and comes with the above mention specific functions, properties and more.

Being as the XT808 LED Flashlight makes claims such as the output of 800 lumens of light which is strategically building and that are the only flashlight being used in “the field”, it seems to be a great idea that we examine the military grade technology that has been implemented into the design and manufacturing of the XT808 LED Flashlight.

How Does The XT808 Lead Flashlight Function?

The XT808 LED Flashlight by Primitive Survivors includes the features outlined below:

An adjustable focusing beam offering as much as 2000x focus
Made from aluminum alloy that is aircraft grade
*A Cree XM-L LED emitter
Five point one inches in length which extends to six point eighteen inches
Four point nine ounces in weight
Lens that is waterproof as well as scratch resistant
800 Lumens of light
Five preset modes
A 100,000 lamp life
A few rechargeable batteries
Beveled Edge (for tactical defense purposes)

Here is a more detailed explanation of some of the most impressive features:

1. Telescoping Focus
You can choose from 1x focus on up to 250x, perhaps you prefer 500x, then why not it’s amazing 2000x? Whether you are aiming for an object that is right in front of you or a few hundred meters away, this device allows you to do so easily.

2. Aluminum Alloy that is Aircraft Grade

The casing of this tactical flashlight is made completely of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy; this is a material that is incredibly lightweight yet tough and very durable. Being as the casing is the highest of quality, if a heavy object were to land on it or if it were to fall or be dropped from a high elevation, it would not easily break.

3. 800 Lumens of Light

With the 800 Lumens of light coming from the bulb, you can point at an object that is five hundred meters away, and it will be illuminated, that is how bright it is. An easier way of describing it would be stating that 800 Lumens of light is the equivalent of sixty watts of light power. The Cree XM-L T6 bulb that it also uses is the standard for tactical flashlights that are high quality and used by policemen, search and rescue teams, firemen, the military and the navy.


Best 1000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight: Shadowhawk X800


If you are questioning why you need a tactical flashlight, you need to remember the situation where you needed a source of light really bad but unfortunately did not have one. Such situations are not a regular occurrence but having a source of light at hand can save your life in some instances.

Now more than ever, people are exploring for various ways to prepare themselves for potential emergency situations as the world continues to witness and increase in unfortunate situations such as natural disasters and terrorism incidents.

Preparing for such eventualities does not mean that you go out and buy a gun or any other similar weapon rather it refers to obtaining a quality, reliable source of light. A tactical flashlight such as the Shadowhawk X800 – full review found here, is a military-grade flashlight that can save your life.

The Shadowhawk X800 has taken the market by storm and is designed to cater to those that like to be prepared for emergency and survival situations. It is a practical, simple, military-inspired, pocket-sized LED flashlight that delivers high-performance lighting.

The flashlight is highly strategic and useful for self-defense as well as lighting your way. The flashlight is currently being publicized as probably one of the most if not the most favored tactical flashlight of law enforcement officials and those that work in the field of security.

The Shadowhawk X800 is being promoted as a simple yet effective solution for the people looking to replace their flashlights with something more efficient and powerful that can still be used for self-defense purposes.

Here Is A More Extensive Look Into This Tactical Flashlight

What Company Is Behind The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight?

Shadowhawk Tactical is the company that manufactures the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight. It is a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada even though the warehouse and customer service department is based in California. The company specializes in practical equipment and tactical gear such as the X800.

The flashlights are designed and assembled in California, but most of the parts are in fact sourced from China. The company got its start with a government contract for manufacturing military flashlights, and it was only in 2015 that it switched over to international retail sales.

Even though the company is relatively new, it still produces products that show good performance that has enjoyed good reviews from users. The Shadowhawk X800 is a durable, lightweight, and multifunctional tactical flashlight great for outdoorsmen, law enforcement officers, military personnel and even regular people.

What Is The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight?

The Shadowhawk X800, just like the company behind it is also a relatively new entrant into the market meaning that it may not be as known as other brands are. However, what the brand lacks regarding popularity it surely makes up for it in form and function.

The Shadowhawk X800 is a small pocket and hand-sized LED flashlight commonly used by different groups of people including normal civilians every day to enhance security and stay safe in their homes. The flashlight is military inspired, made of strong materials, durable, and featuring advanced technology. You can use it either as a spotlight or as a high-powered flashlight.

What makes this interesting flashlight unique? Well, if you need to know what sets it apart from its competitors even when it is still relatively new in the market you need to continue reading this detailed and honest review. Read on to learn more about its amazing features, specifications, and tactical technology that makes it unique. You will also learn about its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Features Of The Shadowhawk X800

1. XPE 800 Lumen LED Bulb

The Shadowhawk X800 uses an XPE 800 Lumen bulb. According to its manufacturer, the XPE 800 Lumen Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb is one of the brightest and most robust bulbs currently available in the market. The manufacturer also claims that the bulb is highly exclusive that they are one of the select American or American-based companies to manufacture such an outstanding bulb.

The XPE 800 Lumen bulb offers about six times the lighting of a fluorescent bulb or 40 times the power of incandescent lighting, which is something quite amazing. The bulb also features 800 lumens of illumination power and comes with a waterproof casing of up to 30 minutes to a depth of 6 feet. The XPE 800 Lumen bulb has the power to transform even the darkest of areas into properly-lit and safe zones.

2. Zoom Focusing Capability

It is worth noting that not all tactical flashlights in the market have zoom focusing functionality. However, you will be pleased to hear that the Shadowhawk X800 not only zooms but also features advanced focusing and zooming capability in 5 different zoom settings namely: 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000X, and 2000X magnification.

The advanced zooming capability the flashlight offers means that you can focus the light beam from the flashlight exactly where you want to.

3. Multiple Operating Modes

The Shadowhawk X800 tactical LED flashlight is programmed to operate in several modes of light options including Low, Medium, High, SOS, and Strobe. Each of the modes functions perfectly and expands the functionality of the flashlight.

4. Military Grade Aluminum Construction

Aluminum is a metal that comes in a variety of different strength, and the X800 tactical flashlight is constructed using military-grade aluminum. The military grade here refers to compactness, durability, extra toughness, and superior strength. What this means is that if it is accidentally rolled over, dropped, or even stepped on, it is practically impossible to break.

5. Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

The Shadowhawk X800 tactical LED flashlight comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to last for over 100,000 hours. This makes it quite reliable, convenient, and travel-friendly too.

6. Military Grade Self-Defense

The term tactical refers to military-inspired strategic planning and a highly thoughtful level of detail that went into the preparation of the flashlight. With a crenelated strike bezel for better self-defense, tactical flashlights such as the Shadowhawk X800 offer a simple but excellent way always to be carrying.

7. Ideal For Those Working In Law Enforcement, Military, or Security

Law enforcement, military, and security are all jobs that sometimes require the use of a good flashlight. It is always a sturdy and reliable flashlight with you in any particular situation. It is quite easy to carry the Shadowhawk X800 with you and reach for it in a case of an emergency. It does not take much effort to carry it on your belt, glove compartment, or simply in your pocket.



Best Tactical Flashlight Over 1000 Lumens: 1TAC TC1200


Investing in a tactical flashlight can be a very smart decision. These flashlights are practical, versatile, and more affordable than you might think. With that said, you’ll want to be careful about any flashlight that you buy. It’s a smart idea to research flashlights before making a purchase.

One flashlight you should strongly consider is the 1TAC TC1200. While this flashlight was introduced to the market fairly recently, it clearly has a lot to offer.

It’s Extremely Compact

One of the biggest issues that many tactical flashlights have is their weight. Because tactical flashlights tend to be made from heavy duty, durable materials, it can be difficult to carry them around.

Thankfully, this flashlight is both lightweight and compact. It is encased in military-grade aluminum, which provides the flashlight with protection without weighing it down. When you take batteries out of the equation, the flashlight only weighs about 5.6 ounces. It’s between 5 and 6 inches in length; a very practical size.

It Has Many Different Settings

Tactical flashlights tend to offer more flexibility than the cheap flashlights you can find on the shelves at big box stores. The TC1200 has five different settings, which is very impressive. These settings are low, high, medium, strobe, and SOS.

The SOS setting isn’t standard for tactical flashlights, but it can be incredibly useful. If you are ever lost or stranded and need to call for help, all you have to do is switch over to this setting. You should be able to catch the attention of anyone in your area.

A Long Battery Life

Flashlights can only function if their batteries are running. Once the batteries run out, a flashlight is essentially useless.

Thankfully, the batteries in the TC1200 last a very long time. The flashlight has approximately 100,000 lamp hours, depending on the settings used. Also, the flashlight’s carrying case has plenty of room for backup batteries. The flashlight also comes with multiple chargers. If you’re concerned about the flashlight’s battery levels, it will be easy for you to charge it in your car.

Multiple Focuses

When you buy a quality flashlight, you have the ability to control where the flashlight’s beam lands. This is called focusing. The TC1200 can focus at five different levels.

Whether you want to emit light at a standard range or at 2000 times the normal range, this flashlight will have you covered. It’s designed to be a flashlight that works in all circumstances.

The Lens

One of the marks of a high-quality flashlight is the flashlight’s lens. The lens on the TC1200 is extremely impressive.

The lens on this flashlight is convex. As is the case with many flashlights of this caliber, it has a lotus-attaching head. This shape makes the flashlight easier to control.

The Flashlight Holster

As mentioned above, this flashlight comes with a carrying case that is full of practical items. One of the items included in the case is a holster. This holster will allow you to keep your flashlight with you at all times.

The holster is comfortable to wear and is very easy to adjust. It’s made of high-quality, durable materials, which means that it should last time.

Flashlight Holsters can be very expensive when bought on their own. Getting a well-made holster along with a flashlight is an excellent deal.

It’s A Smart Flashlight

Technology has come a long way, and the TC1200 is proof of that. This flashlight makes use of smart technology. When you turn it off, it will remember what your last settings were. It will automatically revert to those settings when you turn it on again.

Because this flashlight has so many settings, this feature can come in handy. If you want to pull out your flashlight, you won’t have to waste any time fiddling around with the settings. You will be able to begin using it right away.

It’s Completely Waterproof

There are plenty of flashlights on the market that are water resistant. This means that the flashlight won’t be damaged if it is used in the rain. While this is nice, it is also limiting. You may have to be cautious about using your flashlights when you’re near a body of water.

However, this isn’t something that will be an issue with the TC1200. Not only is it completely waterproof, but it also meets the IP65 Standard. Even if the flashlight is completely submerged in water, it will still work perfectly. You’ll be able to use the flashlight without worry regardless of where you are.

The Brightness Should Remain, Constant

One of the markers of a lower-quality flashlight is that the brightness is constantly changing. Even if the flashlight is kept on a single setting, the brightness may not stay consistent.

This is something that will never be a problem with the TC1200. This flashlight has a digitally regulated output, which means that the brightness will remain constant.

Even if you use the flashlight for hours at a time, you shouldn’t see any change in brightness. The brightness settings will remain the same unless you take the time to change them yourself.

The Settings Are Easy To Change

It can be frustrating when a flashlight’s settings are difficult to change. A lot of people use flashlights while they are hiking or carrying camping gear. When you’re carrying a heavy load, you may not want to waste a lot of time configuring your flashlight.

The TC1200’s are very simple to change. Because of the way the flashlight is configured, accidentally changing the settings isn’t something you will have to worry about. However, whenever you want to switch the settings in some way, you will be able to do so very quickly.

This flashlight feels natural in hand, and you should get used to using it in no time. Eventually, changing the flashlight settings should feel like second nature to you.

Improper Battery Installation Is Impossible

Improper battery installation can cause a lot of problems for flashlights. This is especially true for flashlights that use rechargeable batteries. If you install your battery in the wrong way, you could wind up damaging your flashlight.

This flashlight offers something called reverse polarity protection. It is designed to keep you from installing your battery the wrong way. Thanks to this feature, you’ll always be able to install your battery properly.

Heat Protection

When the weather is hot, or when a flashlight is used for an extended period, it can become overheated very easily. When a flashlight is overheated, both the battery and the flashlight itself can become damaged. Overheating can also make the flashlight difficult to hold.

This flashlight is equipped with overheat protection. This feature works on several different levels. First of all, you’ll be able to comfortably hold the flashlight even if it starts to heat up. None of that heat should be passed along to your hand.

Secondly, the flashlight won’t overheat easily. It has systems in place that will prevent the flashlight from overheating. This flashlight is very well-designed, and it doesn’t have the kinds of issues that a lot of other flashlights do.