How To Use The Water Filtration Survival Straw

Whether you’re going mountain climbing, fishing, hunting or just mountain biking, it’s important to have some fresh, safe water to drink. The problem lies when you run out of your carry along supply, you don’t dare drink from any mountain stream; it could have dangerous bacteria or protozoan inhabitants. Even streams deep in the wild could have a dead cow or other animal decomposing upstream from where you are. This makes it important to have some backpack sized water purification system.

You Can Live For Days Without Food, But Not Water

There are a lot of places where your body uses a higher than normal amount of water. Higher altitude areas like in the mountains or even the high plains will absorb the water you sweat faster than you realize. You may be sweating as your exert yourself hiking and climbing, but your skin may never become damp or sweaty. You’re still losing lots of water and all of that needs to be replaced, or you could become dehydrated, delusional, or sick, which is dangerous in the wild.

There are lots of smaller, backpack sized water purification devices, but not all of them are small enough to carry all day with your other gear. There are drink bottles that have filters; they’re very light and portable, but incredibly expensive to buy. They are very effective at removing contaminants like microbes, pesticides, and other pollutants; they’re just a little expensive for the average hiker.

There are also Stereo-Pens which will kill nearly all of the bacteria, protozoans and viruses in the water, but they don’t eliminate any other pollutants like chemicals. Even far out in the woods there are very likely herbicide, insecticide and other chemicals polluting the water. Plus, some streams are contaminated with heavy metals like lead, mercury, antimony and cadmium that naturally leach from the rocks. The Steri-Pen won’t have any effect on those minerals at all.

The Water Filtration Survival Straw Is The Easiest To Use

These portable straws are probably the lightest and easiest to carry of any of the water filtration devices. They can easily fit in a front pocket, backpack, or anywhere, they’re that small. Incredibly, they meet and exceed all of the EPA guidelines for cleaning the water of microbes, like bacteria and protozoans. The most fantastic thing is how easy the water filtration survival straw is to use, just stick the end into the water, and drink. No instructions were necessary.

The straws are also quite inexpensive which means that you should carry one with you when traveling to other countries, drinking from public water fountains, plus have several hidden away for the next big storm or earthquake. Check the package to get a straw that will filter enough water for you to make it through any hike or disaster you encounter, and you’ll be fine.

Having pure water is a human necessity, more important than food or shelter. We can’t live very long when dehydrated and drinking polluted water can have unforeseen consequences that could last for weeks or worse. By keeping some filtration straws on hand at home, when traveling, and while in the woods, you can rest assured you’ll make it through whatever predicament and live to tell about it.