A Full Review Of The Lumitact G700

Does The Lumitact G700 Have Any Flaws Worth Noting?

Unfortunately, no tool is without its downsides. There simply is not a single tool out there that can do everything perfectly, or that doesn’t have its flaws and problems. The Lumitact G700 is no different.

The first problem for the Lumitact G700 is it smaller lightweight design. For a pocket flashlight that you might carry around for quick use if your car breaks down or if your lights go out, then it’s lightweight design is fine. It’s a full 5.1 inches long and weighs under a pound. That’s exactly what you want in a small flashlight that you might use in an emergency situation.


Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily what you want in a piece of tactical equipment. Because of its size, the only way¬†it can be used as a weapon is as a pressure tool. Chances are if you need a pressure tool in any situation, you already have a tool that is suited for the job. Also, this does mean you will have to go in close with hand-to-hand combat. That’s always a tricky situation, and having a pressure tool won’t necessarily be the key to winning the fight.

Also, while it does use three AAA batteries that are easily replaced, battery slots are a well-known weak point of flashlights. If you should ever have to use the flashlight in a combat situation, you’ll have to be careful that you don’t apply just the wrong amount pressure on the battery cap. All it would take is one quick slip, and suddenly the flashlight is not being situated very well in your hand. That’s the last thing that you want when you’re being forced to use a flashlight as a pressure tool.

All that said, the Lumitact G700 is still a fantastic tactical flashlight. The aircraft grade aluminum that makes up its casing is certain to hold up to any amount of pressure you put on it. The LED chip light technology ensures that no matter how hard you have to use it, the flashlight part will always work. And, as if all that wasn’t sufficient, it does come with rechargeable battery should you purchase the rechargeable battery option. So while there are downsides to this flashlight, they are mitigated by the upsides, and they’re no worse than the downsides of most tactical flashlights on the market.

How Can You Purchase The Lumitact G700?

Given that the Lumitact G700 is such a Flashlight, no doubt you only have one question left. Namely, how do you purchase one?

The Lumitact G700 is only available to purchase online. This does mean you’ll have to deal with shipping and handling, as well as ensuring that the website you buy from is trustworthy. That said, buying online does have its benefits. Mainly, getting a great deal.

The Lumitact G700 retails for about $225. However, right now the National Protection Association is giving away a great discount. Right now, they are offering 75% off of the retail price. Normally, a discount of this amount would be  questioned. After all, how are they managing to sell the product so cheaply?

The answer is that the National Protection Association is ensuring that the market knows about its products. The Lumitact G700 is such a fantastic flashlight it’s vital that the market knows about it as quickly as possible. To that end, they are offering such a huge discount to ensure that as many people find out about it as possible.

Many people question the usefulness of tactical flashlights. They think that having a flashlight that is durable and high-quality is plenty. They’re not certain why you would need a flashlight for tactical purposes. However, the fact is that even if you never have to neutralize an enemy with this flashlight, it is still a highly durable flashlight that will last for hours on end.

So at the end of the day, the Lumitact G700 is a fantastic flashlight that will do everything you need it to do. It’s durable, so you know you won’t have to worry about any damage that it takes. It’s lightweight, so you know that you won’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy weight all night. And right now thanks to the 75% off deal, you can get it for around $60. If you’ve been on the lookout for a high-quality tactical flashlight, then the Lumitact G700 is the flashlight you have been waiting for. Take advantage of a great deal while it’s available, and get yourself a flashlight you can be confident with.