Review of the XT808 LED Flashlight

First Lets start with the Five Preset Modes

There are five preset modes included which are: strobe, low, medium, high and SOS. With these five modes, you can use the flashlight for quite a few different applications. That being said, the mode that is the unique is the SOS feature; this allows for a signal to be sent if there was an emergency.


Beveled Edge For Tactical Defense Purposes

The edge of the flashlight is beveled, this makes it an effective self-defense device against an aggressor or assailant. It could be an attack or perhaps even a vicious animal trying to get at you; the flashlight edge, however, makes for quite an effective weapon, the damage it can create is significant enough to deter them.

Why Should I Choose the XT808 LED Flashlight Over Other Tactical Flashlights?

Now the question is, why should you choose the XT808 LED Flashlight when there are hundreds, even thousands of other LED tactical flashlights that are currently available on the market, why should you choose this one over any of those other options? What makes it stand out? After going over consumer reviews and comparing, here are the reasons why:

1. Can Also Be Used as a Self Defense Weapon

As mentioned in the features and detailed description, the beveled end edges it features can be utilized as a great defensive tool. Not only that, but the bright light in itself can also be used to blind an attacker that us at close range. So the combination of bright light, plus the beveled edge can allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your useful flashlight is also a great self-defense tool.

2. Lightweight

Most people prefer flashlights that are not LED due to how heavy they tend to be. With the XT808 LED Flashlight, this is not the case, it only weighs four point nine ounces without the batteries, this means that when you carry it in your backpack, briefcase or purse, you will not feel a difference. It is simple and easy to hold and carry, this makes it very convenient when it comes time for it to be used.

3. Includes Free Rechargeable Batteries, a Charger Unit, and a Tactical Box

Everything is made easier for you by providing you with the free batteries as well as the charger unit; this means that you are all set and do not have to invest in these items separately. On top of that, you are also provided with a free box where everything can be safely and neatly stored. How convenient is that?

If Interested, Where Can I Purchase the XT808 LED Flashlight?

All you have to do is go to the official website of the manufacturers who are Primitive Outdoors, the flashlight may be a bit expensive. However it is an amazing investment, and they do currently offer a temporary great discount right now as well. This life-saving device will provide you with peace of mind regardless of where you are and what you are doing and all the while it will perfectly light your way.